Willbaforce Academy

Silhouette lectureWillbaforce Academy offers the following:

•    Bespoke business training solutions

•    Start up Training

•    One-to-One training and mentoring service

•    Online courses –
•    How to Start Your Own Fashion Label- www.fashion.arts.ac.uk
•    How to Produce Your Own Fashion Label – The London College of Fashion – www.fashion.arts.ac.uk
•    Central Saint Martins

Fashion Marketing – Online Tues Evenings

Fashion Marketing  – Online Sat Daytime

Fashion Manufacturing – Online Weds Evenings
•    Coming soon – How to start your creative business
•    Coming soon – Video streaming courses and workshops
•    Coming soon – Five Minutes in ……. Fashion, Five minutes in Film, Five minutes in Music
•    Coming soon – e-Business books

If you would like further information please contact us here: