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Moodle at University of the Arts London

At University of the Arts London (UAL) Moodle is the LMS of choice Its a free and open-source learning management system. It's important for students to understand more about the platforms in use at the university. This video was created with fellow Technology Enhanced Learning Coordinators and two UAL students who worked on the animation.

Including video within your courses can help to create an engaging and immersive, learning experience for your students. Instructor-made videos allow you to create presence within the course. People like to listen and learn from videos – they want to listen to someone speak and watch moving images.

One of the methods undertaken to support students was by creating a brief video to orient students into one of the learning platforms.

The UAL Technology Enhanced Learning team worked alongside staff and students it became obvious that we required some form of marketing to promote the learning platform and the benefits of interacting with Moodle. We decided to come up with a series of animations that related to some of the marketing in use at University of the Arts London namely The Big Welcome - The universities on boarding campaign for students.

People learn by seeing and hearing. Your students can see your emotions and intentions, which builds trust and helps the learning process to be more engaging, NB, studies show that videos should be no longer than six minutes. break longer videos into smaller (bite-sized) clips, survey your customers or website visitors and ask them what they would like to see you share with them. This is a sure fire way to provide winning content and create engaging remote learning experiences.

We will be showcasing some tips and tricks in our forthcoming How To Teach Online Courses as part of our services on our sister site

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Thank you to Caroline Rogers, Vija Skangale, Pafo Gallieri and Allen Fatimahiran

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