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Lessons Learned!

It has become apparent that many lecturers in the creative arts will be adapting their teaching to a Blended or Hybrid learning style when they return for the Autumn term.

Covid 19 has reset the balance on the way that teaching is delivered and none more so than in the creative industries field.

Lecturers I work with have now moved from the “fight-or-flight” phase and settled down into a manageable form of delivery. I am heartened to know that many members of staff that I coach have reflected on their style of teaching some even documenting their process and the students experience to plan for the future.

My main role with all of my clients is helping their lecturers to plan and it is important for all of us to look not just from whence we have come but also where do we want to be when it comes to digital learning?

Digital accessibility is high on the agenda for many of my clients and as many individuals have switched from an analogue method of work to a digital method. The EU Web accessibility directive has been in force since December 2016, however, all apps and websites must be fully compliant by September 2020. I imagine that with the added onset of Covid 19 and the majority of the UK’s workforce now working from home the rules and scrutiny are set to be even more stringent.

The European Commission has established a Digital Skills programme to advise and support its members.

The Digital Skills Programme is aimed at increasing training in digital skills for the workforce and for consumers; modernising education across the EU; harnessing digital technologies for learning and for the recognition and validation of skills; and anticipating and analysing skills needs.

Whilst the UK is set to leave Europe where does that leave the UK’s workforce particularly in relation to creative education?

CV19 has driven all of my clientele to reflect and review their digital teaching and learning capabilities. Most recently I undertook a brief analysis of the training that staff had undertaken with one of the academic institutions I work with. The majority of staff are autodidactic learners or have learned how to use technology just enough to communicate with their learners e.g. email or social media posts. It has become apparent that a high proportion are not equipped to teach online or in a blended or hybrid manner.

This summer I will share some of my digital orientation techniques with my cohort of creative lecturers and I will create a post and some of the techniques here on Willbaforce. For additional information on Teacher Training programmes please subscribe to Willbaforce Academy or listen to our first podcast on eLearning.

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