Digital Learning Pariah to Digital Learning Princess

The Covid 19 Virus affects everyone no matter your age, gender, sex, religion or culture we are all united in this. What does this mean for education?  For four years I have worked as a Technology Enhanced Learning Coordinator a role that I came into from my experience from teaching online which in turn had been … Continue reading

Willbaforce to deliver Online Business Seminar for 3rd Wandsworth Enterprise Week

We are pleased to announce that as part of our creative online mentoring service Willbaforce Ltd will be a guest speaker as part of  the third Wandsworth Enterprise Week which takes place 29 February – 5 March 2016. The week long event aims to foster enterprise in Wandsworth, with a different theme each day. Willbaforce will … Continue reading

eLearning by Smartphone or Tablet?

How technology has moved on. I happened to stumble across and old episode of “Little House On The Prairie” – “Crossed Connections” The episode covered the implementation of the “telephone” in Walnut Grove in USA late 1800’s. Connections were made through a switchboard and an operator. How far we have moved on. I remember purchasing … Continue reading

Because Sharing Is Caring!

Because “Sharing Is Caring” I have just returned home from one of this years exciting fashion exhibitions ….The Louis Vuitton Series3 #LVSeries3 at 180 The Strand, London WC2. I am not that partial to the Louis Vuitton brand, or so I thought, however, after visiting this exhibition I am much persuaded. In a word it … Continue reading

High Street Shops May Open Longer On Sundays

I came across this headline and article on Sky News website and I have to say “I do not” agree! High Street Shops May Open Longer On Sundays   Don’t get me wrong I of all people am all for supporting UK High Street stores but how exactly is this affecting UK retail staff? I … Continue reading

How To Pop Up

Willbablog 19th March 2015 I love to talk and today I delivered a short presentation around pop up shops for my colleagues at Creative Islington. Yes the retail phenomenon of the 2000’s. What was unique about this particular talk was that it wasn’t for any of my usual clients but locally in my community of … Continue reading

Online Courses with Willbaforce Academy and Central Saint Martins

Our online courses are going from strength to strength. This month we launched four new online courses in conjunction with Central Saint Martins Online Short Courses or @CSM_OSC as known on Twitter.   Fashion Marketing Daytime, Running Your Own fashion label, Fashion manufacturing and Fashion Marketing Evenings in conjunction with Central Saint Martins College. All … Continue reading

Full Time Education VS Part Time Online Education

                   Most recently I read an article discussing a new school, which is run completely online. I am passionate about online education; however, I am not sold on the idea that full time education for primary and secondary school students is delivered solely online. Blended learning I … Continue reading

Diaspora Changemakers and Fellowship at The Royal Society of The Arts

                  Early 2014 I became a member of the RSA (Royal Society of the Arts) Diaspora Changemakers. Diaspora Changemakers is a project that seeks to identify and bring together the UK’s most promising individuals of African origin with a desire to support African communities in the UK … Continue reading

How Good Are You At Charming People? How Well Do People See You?

In the creative industries you will at some point need to “fascinate” someone, whether that’s by delivering an appealing body of work, attracting investment, captivating an audience, convincing spectators, or generally getting individuals to be interested in your work e.g. marketing How do we make sense of this in an ever changing creative industry? Sally … Continue reading