Jennifer Williams-Baffoe by AgendaPhotography.co.uk

Willbaforce supplies support throughout the progressive development and expansion of the small business. This process could be in the form of:

•Advice and guidance on researching consumer and competitor markets

•Developing marketing and strategy plans

•Assisting businesses and individuals to identify their own ventures

•Developing business start-ups, refining initiatives and product development

•Business Development for the Creative Industry

Willbaforce can help with planning new business ideas and assist in transferring these ideas into a rational and reliable business plan. Additionally Willbaforce can help with the presentation techniques required to promote and publicise business concepts ensuring goals, targets and objectives are articulated effectively.

Director – Jennifer Williams-Baffoe has been working in the fashion, creative and business industries for over 17 years. She has worked for Business and educational institutions alike.  After deciding that there was a gap in the market for creative business support she set up Willbaforce Ltd.

“Although trained as a designer, with a view to establishing my own business and brand, the decision to support businesses and their employees, was arrived at through my own journey into this industry. From firstly working within a factory in Islington at the age of 15, followed by studies at The London College of Fashion & Central Saint Martins.  My educational experiences made me realise that the fashion industry was changing, with new opportunities that could be explored to take advantage of the changing fashion business environment. After working for a short time in retail – Harvey Nichols, I got my first chance with the organisation The Apparel & Textile Challenge; to help develop and deliver the first DTI Industry Forum to support all sectors of the Fashion and Clothing industries nationally.  The achievements under this 5 year project was (a) to establish a national platform for all BSOs, retailers and major manufacturers to communicate, work together and ensure that the industry’s needs were conveyed to the DTI and the Government, (b) Initiating the ‘Designer Manufacturing Workshops’, which allowed designers to source production locally, thus supporting manufacturers in growing their customer base,  In this time period approximately  200 manufacturers and designers were supported, with some of these initial companies now successfully selling both nationally and internationally.

One of my proudest moments was on my work at the British Fashion Council by acknowledged by Drapers Record and on being referred to as a person ‘Running the Industry’s Dating Agency and I produced The Designer Manufacturing Handbook, a best practice guide to working with manufacturers and a directory of UK clothing manufacturers. My journey has allowed me to learn from my mistakes and errors of judgement. During my studies I knew about the design and theoretical business side, I realised upon completion of my studies that I needed to gain a real knowledge of commerce and its day to day operations, experiences and knowledge of a period within a customer facing environment, so as to gain real consumer understanding, and purchasing behaviour. I consider myself a bit of a maverick as I want to pave a new way within my personal line of business and I know that there are other industries to work in within the fashion and creative industries.  I’m really proud of the fact that I have continued to work within the manufacturing sector.”
Also known as “Willbaforce”, “Jennifer Willbaforce” or just “The Force” Willbaforce has extensive connections within the creative industries and brings together a network team made up of specialists who work across the creative fields in the following areas.
Project Management
Events, PR and Styling
Business Development and Training
Sourcing Production
Production Management