I came across this headline and article on Sky News website and I haimageve to say “I do not” agree!

High Street Shops May Open Longer On Sundays


Don’t get me wrong I of all people am all for supporting UK High Street stores but how exactly is this affecting UK retail staff? I already think that shop staff are under trained, under valued and over worked resulting in poor customer service which leads to poor sales. Why foster additional wiorking hours on them? How will this improve current customer service?  I’m perplexed to say the least. Now I’m old school retail. I come from the days that so far back shops did not open at all in a Sunday when they did start opening on a Sunday if you were a sales assistant you received triple pay! Yes you read correctly “TRIPLE PAY”, then head office got smart and reduced it to “DOUBLE PAY” then down to “Time and a half” now to “Be thankful you’ve got a job on normal pay!”

I do not think that extending hours on a Sunday will be a marked improvement on sales staff if anything it makes having a day off seem like a sacrilegious indulgence not a right. The laws will be governed by local councils who will state the times for extension. We already have some supermarkets with 24 hour licenses to sell.

The Internet has changed the way we Brits shop especially over the past decade. I really like the idea of “Click and Collect” . This method of retail appeals to me because it allows for the consumer to purchase online and collect the product/s at a location of choice provided by the supplier. I believe that this could be a much more effective way to aid high street shopping . It would cut down on the amount of traffic on the roads, some retailers have already adopted the “Click and Collect” format particularly supermarkets and gift retailers such as Argos.

Click and Collect options on a Sunday would require retailers to have less staff, ultimately leading to less overheads, and it would keep our high streets from being uncluttered. What about parking on Sunday’s will local councils change Sunday parking laws? It is already difficult parking on the local high street at the weekends will parking on the weekends in particular Sunday’s now become another way for local councils to add another income generating scheme to their already expensive revenue bows? Perhaps I am a traditionalist in this sense but I remember Sunday’s being a day of rest. I am championing the rights of the sales assistant!