In the creative industries you will at some point need to “fascinate” someone, whether that’s by delivering an appealing body of work, attracting investment, captivating an audience, convincing spectators, or generally getting individuals to be interested in your work e.g. marketing

How do we make sense of this in an ever changing creative industry?

Sally Hogshead is the leading expert on how humans “fascinate” one another.

Over the past two decades of research on communication, Sally Hogshead has found that there are seven different ways to communicate and add value to your listener. Sally has highlighted seven advantage areas to use that “fascinate” -:

1 = Power

2 = Passion

3 = Mystique

4 = Prestige

5 = Alarm

6 = Rebellion

7 = Trust

Sally believes and has proved that “When you add value to your listener, you fascinate them.”

Sally has launched, that take her system of 7 triggers even further. Sally has also announced for the first time her matrix of triggers, the 49 personalities that you will get by combining your primary and secondary trigger. Your secondary trigger plays a major role in who you are and makes you 2 dimensional.

Sally has given some examples from famous people and their personality type:

The Ringleader – Richard Branson – Primary: Power, Secondary: Passion
The Guardian – Warren Buffet – Primary: Power, Secondary: Trust
The Mastermind – Mark Suckerberg – Primary: Power, Secondary: Mystique
The Maestro – Georgio Armani – Primary: Power, Secondary: Prestige
The Final Authority – Darth Vader – Primary: Power, Secondary: Power
The Watchdog – Suzy Orman – Primary: Power, Secondary: Alarm
The Change Agent – Steve Jobs – Primary: Power, Secondary: Rebellion

If you look at the diagonal of the matrix, they are people that have too much of the same. They are one dimensional.

It is also good to learn your alternate. Your alternate is who was your secondary trigger as primary, and your primary trigger as secondary. So if you are a passionate rebellion, learn what is a rebellious passionate.

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