#ITC Africa - "Not Charity Just Work"

ITC Africa - "Not Charity Just Work"

Wow so it’s been a while since I blogged. March 2012 and I was blogging about my Grandmothers and how much they’ve inspired me. March 2012 was an interesting time of year as was just beginning to get the rumbles for working on the 2012 Olympics. I was an amazing summer and I enjoyed every second of it. I was working with Volunteers up in Marble Arch nowhere near as exciting as the Olympic Park but nonetheless dowdy as my team were placed inside the very grand Marriott Hotel Ballroom. Those two weeks I will never forget as the “workforce Team” as we were known helped to facilitate some of the volunteer drivers in the Official BMW Olympic cars.
My summer was also kept busy as had to deliver a special course for Central Saint Martins, which facilitates fashion business coupled with an exchange trip to Milan. The course will be continuing in Summer 2013.
The summer wasn’t even out and I was headhunted by The United Nations, The World Trade Organisation (International Trade Centre), Simone Cipriani and a Mr. K Ansah to work on an international project in Accra, Ghana. It was a tough decision as had literally the space of four weeks to decide and move myself to Africa leaving loved ones and friends behind.

The journey isn’t over – I am enjoying myself immensely as I truly believe that Africa has so much to offer but it must not just be taken for granted. The project I am working on will benefit hundreds if not thousands of Ghanaians, Africans and Haitians by creating jobs, developing skills and putting Ghana on the forefront of the African clothing industry in terms of manufacturing, fair labor policies and leading the way forward in terms of best practice. We have an amazing team which is growing steadily and helping the vision of #LuxuryAfrica come to light.Work has started in Kenya and the team there have been doing an incredible job working with high end designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Sass and Bide, Carmina Campus (Fendi), Stella McCartney and more. Ghana will be linking up with our Kenyan and Burkina Faso partners on an amazing project for 2013.

So stay posted for further updates on this journey. It’s going to be a bumpy but fascinating and enjoyable ride…why not come along…virtually?! follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/willbaforceltd