Valentines Day is about to spring upon us and it seems like Chrismas and New Year just happened yesterday.

I have many a creative client on my books a number of whom sell various types of products. Any given holiday is deemed as a money making venture and this is positive given the current climate. One has to be savvy in the way in which we engage with our clients and if this means selling through a holiday period then by all means do it!

However, are holidays all about making money and not about the meaning behind them? No sooner than Christmas tinsle has been packed away and the Christmas Trees have been recycled and shredded into pulp all of a sudden it’s Valentines day. this year is even more confusing as shops have started to stock Easter Eggs at the same time alongside Panckae mix and lemons for Shrove Tuesday which happens to fall on the 21st February this year.

It can be confusing for the consumer, which holiday are we supposed to be thinking about? It can be confusing for the supplier too. If you were savvy enough you would have been thinking about these holidays last year. If you are just starting out in your business then now is the time to think about holidays as part of your marketing strategy. Firstly are the holidays significant enough to feature within your marketing strategy? Are they relevant? Which holidays are relevant to your business? Gifts certainly pertain to all of the holidays so think about your stock and how will you promote your products. Naturally social media has helped to push various brands that are out there so perhaps it’s time to think about incorporating some form of social media marketing strategy into your marketing plan.

I highly recommend Social Media and Marketing for Dummies by Jan Zimmerman and Doug Sahlin.

See fact sheet below by Shiv Singh for some quick tips

Happy Valentines Day

With Love Willbaforce Ltd