How I love teaching online!

I enjoy teaching period! There I said it! I like to listen other peoples opinions, I like debate, I enjoy discussion and relish interaction. I can work on my own too but a virtual classroom has so much potential to explore other points of view. Right now one of my most popular classes has students from all over the world. I can’t claim to having one from each continent just yet but I’m getting there!

It really makes the class interesting when you gain a perspective on how the creative industries are:

  1. Perceived
  2. Valued
  3. Marketed
  4. Respected

In another country.

One of my next lessons will cover marketing and social media now plays a huge part in the way that we run our every day lives. At present Blackberry has now been up and running for four hours worldwide according to The Telegraph article. We live our lives (some of us) on a virtual tablet of sorts, be it an iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, or some other tablet or smartphone. So the article below discusses how tablets will become the textbooks of tomorrow. Positives are such that tablets cut down (pardon the pun) on the amount tress we fell to make books, we refrain from the use of inks and thus chemicals utilised to produce them and we cut down on carbon emissions from the transportation of books and we alleaviate the amount of trips spent to the hospital from backache due to the sheer weight of books we carry to and from the office, classroom and studio.

I was not convinced one iota about purchasing the ipad/ipad2 until I spoke with Dr Gaimster from the London College of Fashion. We were having our usual late Sunday evening Skype© chat and I mentioned that I wasn’t taken with the iPad due to the fact that I already own an iPhone and iMac. What the hell do I need an iPad2 for?……..well Dr Gaimster simply sold me the benefits…I swear she should gain commision from Apple It’s easier to carry around, the battery lasts longer (two whole precious days), less costly than a an iMac or laptop and it will cut down on costs of purchasing reading material. there are additional benefits but I won’t go on. Am I sold? perhaps but what are the disadvantages?

Flash is not supported, so you won’t be able to watch most online videos, Multi- tasking is difficult- It is merely not possible to have more than one application running at a time even for a brief span to send a quick mail or a message, So why didn’t Apple didn’t fit cameras in their bulky tablet? This is another disadvantage that makes it a real inferior among other competitors of iPad.

All the same I might just buy one if it means I can have my entire library in one place and not cluttering up the flat. I’m intrigued as to how one will be able to deliver a course through the iPad2? Apple if your reading i’m quite happy to test this out for you if you want to throw a sample my way 🙂


Textbooks of Tomorrow