The sad news came in early this morning that Steve Jobs – Co founder and Chairman of Apple sadly lost his battle with cancer. He was a futurist, and some have even described him as being in the same league as Henry T Ford – The man who invented the first car. Barack Obama said “The world has lost a visionary” Steve Jobs had been struggling with pancreatic cancer for a number of years and resigned this August as CEO. Apple has certainly changed many lives across the technical, creative and business industries.  Apple released its first mass-market product, the Apple II in 1976. The Apple II helped to highlight what would become known as “the personal computer revolution” and placed Steve Jobs into the limelight. Apple have produced many products and even if you don’t own an Apple product rest assured you probably own a product which has been influenced by an Apple invention.   The Mouse, The iPod, iTouch, iPad, iMac books, The iMac and of course the ubiquitous iPhone.  The New York Times has listed this interactive list of patents from Jobs –

A number of my clients own Apple products and usually my classes are awash with iPhones, Ipads and iMacBooks, you can’t escape them. Across the creative industries the Apple products have helped to shape some of the most creative businesses so much so that it has almost become a badge of honour to own and/or produce work from an Apple product.

His passing comes the day after the launch of the newIPhone 4s. Steve Jobs is survived by his wife and family.

Steve Jobs  – 1955-2011