Ubuntu International

Heni este-Hijzen at Ubuntu International - LFW

I wasn’t surprised with the level of high quality garments shown at The Ubuntu Show on Monday 19th September 2011 the first on call for London Fashion Week Vauxhall Fashion Scout. Ubuntu is the brainchild of Theo Omambala -Fashion model/Consultant and Errol Hendrickse South African born Designer and Lifestyle Architect both of whom have formed SAAM- South Africa Artist Management. It’s been a creative dream of the twosome and to see it’s birth was exciting. I had the pleasure of meeting the three designers backstage and not only was I impressed with the high quality of their work but equally with their humility. No egos, no airs and graces just a profound sense of pride in their work and well done to all three. I’m trying not to have a favourite but I was drawn to the exquisite cuts and tailored pieces by Heni este-Hijzen. I actually got excited about fashion again as a couple of his pieces made me exclaim “Oh wow!”. It was a pleasure to step out in my patent heels today and I met some great people today. Some new faces and some I’ve met along the fashion way. The PR company was fab Marius and Beverley just amazing and I see a bright future ahead for all involved in the Ubuntu project. Looking forward to the next one! Onwards and forwards as we say at Willbaforce Ltd.