September has been a busy month and we here at Willbaforce Ltd are delighted to be able to deliver a new online course outling what you need to do when setting up a fashion business.

The course covers the following:

This e-learning course is suitable if you’ve a basic knowledge of the fashion industry and are interested in setting up you own fashion-based business. It will provide an overview of the components involved in starting a fashion label and how to get started with the production process.
The course includes:
♣    An overview of the fashion industry and calendar
♣    An analysis of consumer profiles and target customers
♣    Business and financial planning
♣    Market research
♣    PR, marketing and advertising plans
♣    Trend research
♣    The fashion supply chain, design and production cycle
♣    Managing your production and liasing with suppliers, manufacturers and buyers
Our e-learning experience differs depending on which course you choose. All courses include weekly chat sessions with your tutor and other students on the course, which may be:
♣    Text chat (called Blackboard or Wimba  Pronto) which invoves typing text into a message box creating a dialogue with your tutor/fellow students
♣    An interactive seminar (called Wimba) which includes voice and video chat, as well as an opportunity to ‘share’ your tutor’s desktop so that s/he can navigate you through websites and other work.
You will also be required to undertake weekly assignments between sessions. This can be downloaded from a special website (a Wiki), where you will also be able to upload your work during the week. You’ll be expected to dedicate between one – two hours a week to these self-study projects. A full technical specification is listed in the ‘Materials’ tab above.

Beginners. Suitable for students who are 17 years and above (all other short courses are available to students who are 18 years and above)

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