I haven’t “blogged” in a long while and as part of the new look website I have decide to rebirth the “Blog” Welcome to Willbablog”.
Willbaforce Ltd is committed to delivering tangible business advice, guidance and support. Willbaforce recently delivered the first of many online courses for the London College of Fashion. “How to Start Your Own fashion Business” An eight week evening course that covers the basics of setting up a fashion business.
eLearning is a concept that isn’t entirely new to Willbaforce Ltd, we regularly work with overseas clients via Skype © There are many benefits of eLearning for learners including convenience, flexible accessibility personalised learning and providing user value, and cost-effective training. It transcends the normal classroom mentality in favour of a Web-based method of delivery that meets specific needs and is self-paced, extremely interactive, and measurable.

We hope that are customers are enjoying the novel communication and judging from the feedback that we have already received the eLearning packages are going down really well.
Willbaforce Ltd has adopted the distance learning approach due to demand from our overseas clients. We currently work with clients as far as Ghana, USA, and of course the capital of Londinium here in the United Kingdom and we are expanding.

As the new website is currently being constructed we are offering one to one sessions via our “Business Boutique”. The physical format of the boutique revolves around our pop up shop “Creative Cornucopia”; clients can “Pop-in” to the shop and book one-to-one business sessions. As Creative Cornucopia is a temporary shop that moves around it is not always conducive for clients, therefore we have developed the online “Willbaforce Business Boutique”.
Clients can book hourly sessions with our advisors at reasonable rates. Contact us here for further details: info@willbaforce.com